Revive Your Radiance 

Personal One-on-One Coaching Program 

Increase your energy and radiance through effective and aligned self-care. 
Transform what holds you back through exploring healing and shadow work.
Re-ignite your purpose & power through embracing your Feminine strengths.
Feel confident to embody & express your spiritual side! 

You Feel The Nudge...

You’ve been feeling your soul nudging you to step into a life of more depth and purpose. You know in your heart that you’re here to create massive positive change in the world but you’re not sure where to get started. You’ve found a passion for exploring your spiritual side through inspiring books, podcasts, social media and practices like meditation and yoga. All of this encourages you to embody the change you want to see in the world in a BIG WAY…

HOWEVER... you can’t seem to find the energy and direction you need to focus on these big dreams and aspirations. You’re feeling stuck in some major ways:

• Your stress and anxiety have been running high and you feel stuck in cycles and habits that make you feel icky in your body and low on energy. You find yourself trying to relieve stress and deal with emotions through numbing activities like drinking, stress-eating, wasting hours bingeing on Netflix, and mindless scrolling when what you really want is to be able to stick to a healthy routine that makes you feel good and energized.

• You seem to experience more emotional ups and downs than others leaving you to question what’s going on. These emotional ebbs and flows seem to be contributing to constant battles with colds, flus, and/or digestion problems. You feel like your focus is on “trying to make it through the day” with no extra time to focus on actualizing your dreams.

• You tend to absorb the stress of those around you or the environment you’re in. Sadness, anxiety, or stress seem to hit you out of nowhere, compelling you to reach for the break-room cupcakes you’ve been trying to avoid, or whichever quickest form of stress relief is available. You sometimes feel like you’re too emotional or sensitive and you’re not sure how to deal with this.

• You have the desire to create more change in the world through what you do, but you’re unclear and hesitant about how to do that or what steps to take next. You feel stuck doing what is safe and logical in order to make money and not let friends, family or coworkers down.

• You spend most of your free time spiritually “geeking out”, researching everything and anything “woo”: from crystals and tarot to soulmates and past lives. You’re hesitant to show this side of yourself for fear that people will think you’re crazy. You feel yourself awakening, but you feel lonely and long for your spiritual soul tribe to vibe with. 

You Follow that Nudge Through a Transformation Process and now IMAGINE...

• You feel centered in a strong self-care routine that grounds you and helps you start each new day with excitement, energy, and intention- no more depending on massive amounts of coffee to make it through your morning!

• It feels easier and good to follow through with your health goals . You start making it to workouts 3x per week like you’ve been meaning to for months and getting up early enough to eat a healthy homemade breakfast. You feel comfortable, energized and radiant in your skin.

• You have a solid sense of inner power and the right self-care toolbox to handle emotional ebbs and flows. Through your commitment to taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, you return to a vibrant sense of health throughout your entire being. Your focus shifts from making it through the day, to spending time on what lights you up! You feel inspired to tackle projects you’ve been avoiding like cleaning out your closet Marie-Kondo style, and relaxed enough to indulge in your favorite form of “you-time” without guilt.

• You understand what it means to be an empath and have the know-how to deflect or release any stress, negativity or sadness that is not yours so that you can focus on your own healing.

• You have a deep connection to the Universe, your spiritual guidance team, and your own Divine Feminine intuition that gives you support and clarity in walking the path of your highest purpose and fulfillment. You feel more equipped to take the big leaps that will change your life in profoundly amazing ways.

• You embody your authentic self and have the confidence to show up as your beautiful spiritual self, allowing you to move boldly onto the next steps of your Divine purpose and path. 

This is all so possible for you right now, and is exactly what I guide you through in the Revive Your Radiance experience. In 3 months’ time working together, we’ll work through your unique healing & empowerment process to step into a life of radiance, purpose & power. 

The unique radiance-activation process and pillars:

This is my signature framework for empowering changemakers to embrace sacred self-care, turn pain into power, and reclaim Divine Feminine energy to live a purpose-filled life. 

The 3 phase process of transformation: 


Root yourself in your heart-center through self-care and self-love practices that will raise your vibration and set the groundwork for massive transformation!


Propel your personal growth and transformation by doing the inner healing and shadow work to discover your creator power to transmute pain into power. 


Reclaim your connection with your #femmespirit and Divine Feminine power to re-align with your deepest sense of purpose and live your most expansive life. 

Transformational Pillars

This signature 3 phase process operates within the transformational pillars of sacred self-care, inner work, and your connection to the Divine Feminine!



Prioritize and implement sacred self-care practices that enable you to be an energized and impactful change-maker. 

Inner Work

Overcome victimhood consciousness so that you can take full responsibility and ownership for what your life looks like. 

Divine Feminine Connection

Understand and align with the power of your Divine Feminine qualities so that you can source clarity and direction from within.



Commit to the self-love practices that  dismantle the limiting beliefs that prevent you from stepping fully into your power to create change.  

Inner Work

Connect to your heart-center and work with your chakra system so that you can facilitate healing in specific areas of your life

Divine Feminine Connection

Harness your innate Divine Feminine energy to shift and heal outdated beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. 



Incorporate spiritual self-care practices to strengthen your connection to the Divine Feminine and your Spiritual support team.

Inner Work

Use intuitive practices to reclaim and act on your deepest sense of purpose for this lifetime! 

Divine Feminine Connection

Create balance through the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of yourself to live your most successful and fulfilling life. 

This is for you if...

  • You're heart-centered and passionate about making this world a better place and you know you're here for a big purpose - aka you were born to be a change-maker! 

  • You're feeling stuck and stagnant in your routine and habits that don't serve you & you need some stretch and accountability to move toward your highest potential. 

  • You are struggling to fully express yourself, uphold boundaries, or speak your truth and you're ready for a boost to take empowered action. 

  • You are waking up spiritually and you're not quite "out of the spiritual closet" yet, but you know its time to step out and live more fully in your truth. 

My experience led me guide and coach you! I know exactly where you’re at and where you want to go, because I’ve been through it. 

My passion for this journey has led me here...

to guide & coach you in your transformation.

My name is Cheyenne and I'm a spiritually-oriented Health and Life Coach

I'm a Certified Health Coach (CHC), but most of my knowledge comes from the school called life! Through implementing self-care, inner work, and re-aligning with my Divine Feminine energy I've led myself through a healing journey from broken, to badass and powerful! To read more in depth about my story follow this link

With a Bachelor's degree in Native American Studies and Women Studies, I have a well-rounded perspective and a passion for equality. I'm so ready to help people rise up into their Divine Feminine power and use that power to change a world that's been governed by systems of oppression and inequality for too long. 

My mission is to to create positive change in this world by guiding other badass heart-centered change-makers to step into their full-on power and potential. I truly believe that when we change ourselves we change the world. 

How the Revive Your Radiance Program Supports You in Co-Creating Your Transformation: 

  • 13 one-on-one 60 minute personal coaching sessions via telephone
  • Weekly aligned action plans to establish a powerful self-support routine, reconnect with your Divine Feminine powers, and create tangible transformation
  • Communication access via email and messenger so you feel supported and accountable between sessions
  • Discounted access to future coaching programs and courses! 


Program in full: $997

Program by payments: 3 payments of $399

Book in your FREE Femme-Powerment Roadmap session to get your step-by-step transformation plan & see if you are a good fit for this program:

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"One can choose to back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again." - Abraham Maslow


" I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cheyenne and I felt completely safe opening up to her on the goals I wanted to achieve in the program. I really loved an​d appreciated how structured the program was from start to finish and looked forward to all my coaching sessions with Cheyenne! The biggest struggle I had prior to the program was speaking my truth and the constant feeling of frustration in life, because I knew I was not living my life to its fullest potential. I took a leap of faith and contacted Cheyenne and I am so grateful I did! Each week of the program, I learned how to reclaim my inner feminine strengths and gained essential tools to help me maintain a healthy lifestyle mentally, spiritually and physically. I now understand the importance of self-care and practice it each day. I've also gained the confidence needed to uncover what lights my soul on fire and feel a deeper connection with the universe and myself since completing the program. I highly recommend the Revive Your Radiance to anyone that wants to take charge in their life! "

- Jennifer