My Story

I’ve experienced moments of deep powerlessness in this lifetime and others. Because I felt powerless in those traumatic moments, I subconsciously became complacent in giving my power away.

But through my healing journey, I’ve come to realize that I am actually a powerful being and I am responsible for creating my life. I have known at a deep soul level that despite having lots of loss and grief in my life that everything happens for a reason and that reason is to serve my growth and evolution as a spiritual being.

The first moment that made me feel powerless was losing my parents at a young age. I lost my father suddenly and unexpectedly shortly after my 8th birthday, which shook my sense of safety, comfort and stability. Four years later I witnessed my mom battle breast cancer and lose. I watched a very strong woman suffer from a disease that slowly sucked her autonomy and life away. Witnessing that with the power to do nothing reinforced my belief in my own powerlessness.

Losing my parents took away my strong sense of love and belonging, and left me with grief and loss so deep that I couldn’t really process it at the time. The need to process this grief revisited me in my own form of mental, emotional and physical sickness in my mid to late 20s. This mostly manifested in digestion issues- primarily leaky gut syndrome. I also suffered from the worst anxiety and brain fog I’d ever experienced. This led me on a journey of healing myself through holistic health practices and therapy that helped me address and process my inner pain.

Through this I began to understand that I do have the strength to heal and a way to steer my life in a positive direction. In healing my own sickness I witnessed my immense inner power, which I why I want to help other heart-centered changemakers others stand in theirs.

Reflecting on that time in my life, I know now that my intuition is what helped me to heal. The wisdom of my inner being guided me to sit with my pain, emotions and grief so that I could start to process (and thus digest) the trauma of my life. My intuition and sense of inner knowing , both of which are Divine Feminine qualities, also emerged through my healing process, which reinforces my firm belief that everything in this life happens for a reason. And that is true for all of us. 

I am grateful for my journey of reclaiming my own power and how it’s now led me to you. If you too, are ready to transmute your pain to power and live a purpose-filled life guided by the highest version of yourself, let’s talk more about how I can support you along your journey of expansion.  

A Life Coach is a Career, 

an Energy Leader is a Calling...

"When I met Cheyenne, energy coaching and transformational life coaching weren't here career yet, but she was leading without even knowing it. Cheyenne and I worked in a fast-paced environment in a field that valued an exhaustive work ethic and hierarchy over all else. When I saw Cheyenne in this environment, it didn't make sense to me, her spirit didn't belong there. Even then, in a spiritual place she felt unsure and tired. Cheyenne mentored me by example, reminding me simply by existing, that she nor I belonged in that place that exhausted us or shut us down and that we needed to show up for experiences that didn't make us feel small. A life coach is a career, an energy leader is a calling. Thank you Cheyenne." 

-Kieran Sequoia 

From My Feature in SD Voyager's Trailblazer Series:

"For a while, I felt that, because of my circumstances, I had to figure everything out on my own and that I was alone. As a result, I’ve spent too much time pushing myself and berating myself for not being perfect. So, for young women, I would definitely say lean into your support systems- your friends, family and any other group you can reach to for support. Sometimes, the strongest thing you can do is reach out and ask for help and support. We’re not meant to make everything happen on our own. Sometimes, women feel we must overcompensate to make it in a world that is still rampant with inequality. The other important thing is to let yourself rest and prioritize your self-care. You cannot be productive without resting and recharging. For so long, we’ve lived in a hyper-masculine society that promotes striving, competition and constantly going, going, going. But that model is outdated and women’s wisdom is to give ourselves the time to rest and recharge, the ebb and flow of life like the waxing and waning of the moon. All we have to do is look at nature and our own bodies to see the need for that."  

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